Mental Stress : A shame to Society

A 33 year old woman commits suicide.

Three 15 year old students commit suicide.

A young entrepreneur hangs himself.

And so on..

Everyday I open the newspaper and there are at least 2 such news. It’s horrible. It’s painful.
My heart aches after reading the cause which made them commit suicide.

India is the Leading country when it comes to statistics of commiting suicide. 17% Indians commit suicide every year worldwide.

Just imagine you are chilling out somewhere with your friends or family and a message pops up “XYZ person is no more.” Your mood is totally changed.
Maybe he was some one very very close to your heart.

But hey??

Hold On !!

Ask Yourself that did you ever try to console that person or have you ever said to him – ” I am there by your side and I’m ready to help you. You won’t ever surrender the most beautiful gift, i.e.- LIFE because of some people who are not even considered to be human beings.”


These words might be a ray of hope for the victim. But no, we are so harsh as human beings that we are not even bothered about other’s well being rather we are curious about how to pull a person into politics or a mind game which will make them let-down in the society.

Humanity is lost somewhere. There is a popular saying “The greatest threat to mankind is mankind.” It’s totally true.

How many suicides do we need to bring humanity into existence?

A single person or a small group of people can’t help everyone. But everyone can.  It’s not a rocket science to help the person with some suffering. Maybe your one word gives him immense hope to fight for life or a small gesture of yours.

Mental Pressure/Stress/Strain is the deep rooted cause of Suicides and Our society is well known for it.
Heavy stress or mental pressure leads to mental illness which further leads to Trauma.

If a child is unable to clear his/her exam that doesn’t mean his life should be over now. As a parent or a friend or a cousin, one should always guide him the right path. Ask him his problematic areas in academics and work accordingly with him. This won’t harm you trust me. Rather your wrong attitude towards him/her would cost you heavily later in life. That’s karma.

If your daughter is being ill-treated in her husband’s home and they are mentally torturing her and she demands to be seperate then you should be the first one to be by her side. As a parent she is your child. Remember that Karma will hy you back very soon if you ignore and ask her to accept. As a friend/colleague you should fight for her freedom and well being. If you fail to do so you’ll pay heavily for it. Domestic violence is a crime. Stand against it.

As a boss or a co-worker always try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere so that the work is done on time and without pressure. Be polite and humble with you juniors as well as seniors. Don’t forget karma will hit you back on your wrong.

Rape is a serious issue in India right now and one should take this seriously. Rape victims are human beings and they are the first ones who are humiliated in the society and are treated as criminals. They could have been your sister or friend. Be a pillar of support to such people. Despite of spending money in discos and liquor and drugs please donate some money for such victims who are brutally injured and need mental, physical and financial support.

These are all cases which are very common and those of which we are aware of. I have many to mention in detail but the most important thing upon which i am writing is ‘Mental Pressure’.

Everyone is suffering from a pain or maybe several. We as a friend/guide/mentor/parent should be the one to forge ahead and support the victim with immense love in their dullest of the dullest moments of life. Trust me people you’ll be happy in saving someone’s life.

And if you ever try to exploit someone or try to harm the other person ‘just remember that you are writing your own mishappenings for the future. Karma will come back and will make you learn and realise about your mistakes.’ Just for a temporary future don’t ruin your permanent happiness.

Now, for the ones who are suffering and have this thought of suicidal attempts and surrendering life etc. People please try and understand the deep meaning of your life and its mission. Why you are here and why are you facing all this are some questions whose answers won’t help you survive these situations. What will help you is a support – a moral support.

Whenever you are up with such negative thoughts please think of this blog and call someone who is very dear to you. Don’t feel afraid or shy in sharing your problem. He will surely help. If not, then there are several helplines available in India. You can dial these numbers and share to some mature and sensible people which will surely put some light into your life.
These moments are temporary and will be erased. You have to be strong enough to ask for help. Humanity is still alive somewhere.


Deepika Padukone’s Foundation – LIVE,LOVE and LAUGH FOUNDATION has online portal and its contact number. Please share and bring out your problems to the experienced ones who will definitely help you achieve justice.

Even my blog, social account is active for your thoughts and personal sharings. I am always there to help you.

To all my readers – “please understand this blog post and try to help people in solving there issues inspite of creating them and complicating them. Help the victims and the needy you’ll feel happy.”


7 thoughts on “Mental Stress : A shame to Society

  1. Well written Mr kashish Sodhi..
    Content is very helpful and you touched the very sensitive issue with your great words..

    Thanks and keep writing 🙂


  2. Its amazing….its definitely going to bring out change in people…..loved the blog…..well written buddy!


  3. Great job kashish… this issue you raised really needs to be internalized
    by all people and think how can we save human kind.. how can we become a ray of hope for all those who are suffering… thanks for ur efforts…


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