Marks don’t define Success .. !!

What is success ?
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
Are ‘marks’ considered to be one’s aim ? Or a person says my purpose in life is to score good marks.

None of it is true to the definition of success.
Then why are ‘marks’ over hyped?

Many of us are responsible for it. If we won’t have good marks, we won’t get admission into a good school/college/institution. If we won’t perform in college/school/institution, we won’t get an increment. No company would provide us with a job. Jobs are limited and volunteers are unlimited. Parents push their children to study harder and get good grades.
Good grades ?
We study like almost for 14-15 years in school and study about 15 subjects in these years. And despite of the fact that we have studied for like so many years, we won’t be judged on our knowledge rather we’ll be judged on our grades.
Maybe system agrees to it and in some way or the other does the society too.
But just think over it. A child first reads A B C D and the numbers 0 1 2 3 etc etc. He remembers it thoroughly till his last breath.
Similarly we study so many subjects and we do remember them till at least 30-40. Concepts of electricity, magnetism, digestion, Chemical reactions, integers, algebra, calculus, English and Hindi grammar etc etc. are in our minds for so so long.
Then where does a person goes wrong ? His marks.
He didn’t perform in the written examinations so he cannot be considered to be a bright student.
He had immense knowledge. He studied harder in college and scored an average percentage but he was still not considered as bright.
His marks were not up to the mark. In people’s view point – total disappointment.
And this decides his success. He can’t ever be successful. No company would take him as an employee and no third party would invest with him for any business.
Because his marks were average.

But what if I say he actually became successful. Yes, he did. He’s one of the top 10 entrepreneur in Mumbai. In a city like Mumbai, he is successful. Success is on his feet. What made him successful ? Marks ? Or skills? Or knowledge?
I’ll say the last two. Skills and knowledge are foremost important for any individual. Success would be achieved only with skills and knowledge.
Next time you meet any topper in your batch or anyone who jumps for his marks, just ask that person a question related to his stream/branch. Example – I asked an electronics and electrical engineer about how a charger is made or what all components are required for building a charger? He was baffled. The second question I asked him was “okay, so tell me about the TV remote – it’s construction and components used.”
He was again speechless.
Working in a MNC and earning average didn’t know these daily usage devices after being an engineer himself.
What I want to say is that please stop judging your children on the basis of marks. Let them breathe in the air of freedom. I still remember the famous dialogue from 3 idiots that we are human beings and not machines who are made to win race. Suffocation and pressure are making children insane in early ages. They are committing suicide for not being successful.
Is life important or success?
Definitely my vote goes to life. Life is most important. Knowledge gives you success not your marks. Improve your skills and don’t run after success. Let success run after you. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


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