Every relationship experiences various tests and obstacles. But its upon both the people to balance the situation and pass every test by holding each other’s hand..

Does every person understand this ? Do they realise the essence of love and affection ? Well lets see what our HERO does and his girl do .. πŸ˜‰

April 2015

The girl has some inborn issues of having mood swings. She irritates HERO by her mood swings.

“I am not understanding exactly what to do in this tense situation and you’re not being with me .. You’re not being the guide in this darkness.. You’re enjoying … You just want to be with your friends …hang around and etc etc..” hero said.

“I am trying to help you .. I am very much trying to help you..I know you’ve 100s of problems around you .. And you’re numb .. You don’t know how to handle this much … But I am trying you see “ she replied.

After a long ‘discussion’ they both wrangled and the girl left our HERO there itself.

HERO was quite upset with her behaviour and despite of the problems and the burden of responsibilities on him, he decided just to speak to her and make up with her mood as she was all he wanted. He ran behind her every single day .. Just to make her feel good ….make her feel loved and ensured that she’s been given proper care or not ..

This procedure went on for about 2 months ..

June 2015

Until now .. HERO had lost control over everything… He was pushed deep inside in his life .. He was surrounded by problems, responsibilities, work, studies, family pressure etc etc.

But there was his relationship .. The girl started to react weirdly and behave in a very nast way. HERO was frustrated. But he never thwarted her. He was always up with the idea of a healthy relationship. Always having the spark to ignite their deceased flame.

But HERO had been trying since 2 months. Keeping his ideals aside, his problems aside, his every responsibility, his family’s pressure … And all he had in his mind was to ensure that his relationship us healthy ?

For who ? Why was our HERO even trying so hard ?

For the world ? For his family ? For money ? For fame ?

No !! A BIG NO !!

He was doing because he loved her …

LOVE .. An extraordinary feeling for teenagers and the youth .but our HERO was killing everything for this love ..

Was he right ?
The world said – ” yeH boy…your relationship rocks… you both look good together .. You should wait for time…its a bad one…it will fly away…you’ll have the happy ones soon”

Hahahaha .. Seriously ?? Was time responsible here ?

August 2015

“What shall i do ? I love her … But i can’t remain like this…all day sitting and thinking how to make up this relationship … How to handle her anger and then listen to all the slandering that she does about her friends ?

Does anyone slanders about his own friends ? I mean friends are our second family .. Then how can anyone ?

Hey ? Am I with the right person ?

She abuses people on the road … She slanders her past and her friends too…she haves a feeling of disownness towards elders ..esp her parents … But still i have considered these aside and loved her …saved our relationships… Listened to all the shit every single day…

Hear criticism from you all .. Am i right ?

I am not at all happy dear friend .. Help me out … Please…I’ll end up dping weird to myself and I believe that it’d mean nothing to her…i wanna be strong ..give me a strong support so that i can take strong actions…” hero asked his friend …

“My role is to be with you in every decision of yours…you said you love her .. I never stopped you rather i pushed you more towards her…

Today also I’d not slander about her as she is my friend too…My heart is aching after hearing all the pain ..

But I’d just say … ‘If you ain’t happy anymore then don’t try to hold on…you’ll end up hurting yourself … Rather be where you are happy ..

And trust me HERO you belong to happiness and only happiness’ .” his best friend replied with tears in her eyes ..

After a long week gap after an emotional conversation with his friend … HERO decided to confront the girl and ask for a break up ..

“See..lemme make it clear .. I want a break up and just wanna be friends .. we ain’t compatible. Our thinking doesn’t match…our approach towards life is different … I’ve been asking you to help me out throughout my tough time.. But you just kept on saying that i am trying and i am trying… You never actual worked up for it …

And if you can’t support me and keep me happy during the worse of times … Then there’s no point of doing the same in the happier ones..

Life is too short girl ..its better you realise its essence and change yourself accordingly… I did what i could do to the extreme … But now i think we should share different paths…” HERO messaged the girl..

“Hey ? Wait ?

Did I do something wrong ? Hey sorry.. Please reply naa ?

Hey ? Heyyyy ??

I am trying yaar….please please listen to me..


I am trying to fit in…actually i have been thinking that where i had gone wrong…

I realised that i am still into my past…

I am not completely out of it…

Maybe thats why i am messed up and messing up with us too ..

Hey ?


Could you please say something ??? “ the girl messaged HERO ..

What did HERO finally do ?
Did he accepted the apology ?
Will he again try to pull out the girl off her past ?

To be continued….!!!!


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