What does any student pursuing engineering has in his mind while having the admission letter in his hand? Or in what world is he in while seeing the college building from just a mile away?
Any Engineering student first fights with more than 7-8 lac people to get admission into one of the prestigious colleges of the nation or his state. After getting into any of these, he is just dreaming of his 4 Years in that particular college. He decides to pour out every single bit of his be it his passion for extra co-curricular activities, sports or technical stuff.

All he has in his mind is to achieve success. Being successful is a dream which every student has (even non-engineering students). But its Engineering. Its something very meaningful and high-state for every person in INDIA. Every family or parent is proud to announce the admission of his child into any prestigious college of engineering.

The same case was with our HERO. He ain’t an extra ordinary guy and neither he is obnoxious. He fought with the same people and he studied the same way as every fighting student does. He went into the examination hall with the same confidence he always had. Soon, it was results time. He didn’t perform to his expectations. he was very demotivated. People around cursed him a lot. Criticism is usually unbearable for anyone. But our HERO was very patient.
He was only disturbed with the fact that he led a girl spoil his future. The breakup with his girlfriend was not tolerable. He became very depressed.

He was hopeless for his future now. Until he found out that somehow his prayers and competition marks had led him to a state government college in Rajasthan.
This news helped him through all his depression. He prepared himself for his new life. He had his targets set. His new life began. Everything was just perfect for him.

August 2014

First day of college, it was just full of dreams. From the lecture rooms to the labs, it was all what he had dreamt of. Being from a really modern city he was unaware of the reality. The reality of castes, religions, racism etc.
In metro cities we rarely find such cases but our HERO was uncomfortable with this. All he knew was equality amongst everyone, respect every religion and follow every religion.
He was wrong. Actually he was never right for the people. His thoughts and perspectives didn’t match any normal person’s mind. But, he was cool like he always had been. Always light hearted and fun guy was his key to smile and stay happy.

Time passed by .. And what our hero find was some friends .. Not necessarily good but for being happy and create happiness he had a reason now ..
Girls and Boys together in an Engineering college.. FUN .. Total madness was generated..they explored each and every way of FUN together ..
But our HERO was attracted .. Towards LOVE..
She was not any extra ordinary types but her confidence made her one ..

She was bold and pretty confident .. HERO was pretty happy with her friendship .. But the idea of love became more important…

“I can’t be friends with you anymore..I’ll fall for you and things would change..I don’t want love in my life again .. I will fall I know …please let me go from your life HERO”

After reading this message .. Our HERO was quite upset .. He didn’t want to lose her…he only had her as a real friend ..

He promised not to fall in the idea of love and convinced her that he had none of the feelings which she had and this love and all is shit ..he lied…just to save their friendship..

Was HERO right ??

To be continued…!!


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